Rego Check

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Don’t take the risk to drive a vehicle with expired registration on the road, check your registration status now!

As part of the driver’s responsibility, whether you drive your own car or not, you need to make sure that the car’s rego has not expired, because driving a vehicle which registration has expired means huge risk, not just for drivers, but also for pedestrians. CTP insurance will also expired with rego, which means that once an accident occurs, no one will pay for the serious consequences of the accident.

What is a REGO Check?

A vehicle registration number (REGO) is a series of numbers and/or letters assigned to a vehicle by the road transport authorities when the vehicle is registered. It is usually abbreviated as REGO, and can also be simply understood as the vehicle’s license plate. If you plan to buy a used car on the market, then a REGO Check of that car is extremely important for you.

If the status of the vehicle is registered (which means it has a REGO), the vehicle is currently registered with the Australian Government. If there is no registration, it may be that the registration has expired, or there are other problems that prevent it from being registered. Consumers need to distinguish between the two cases, and if it is the latter, buyers may need to dig deeper to eliminate the risks in the purchase.

Why do I need to check my vehicle registration?

All cars driving on Australian roads must have a valid license plate number and registration information. If you drive an unregistered or expired vehicle on the road, you may be fined a huge amount and your third-party compulsory insurance (CTP) will become invalid, which can lead to serious consequences. Even if you are not driving your own car, as part of your responsibility, you must ensure that the car is registered with the relevant Australian road authority.

Also, be sure to check the registration details before buying a used car. Whether you buy it from a dealer or a private seller, they may provide you with false or incorrect information. In some cases, a car that has had a major accident and has been write-off will not be able to re-register, which will prevent the car from being legally driven on the road. All similar situations can be checked with the AUCN Car Report, we ensure you that the report is essential and will give you a peace of mind.

How to perform a REGO Check?

REGO Check vs AUCN Car Report

Registration check

  • License Plate Number
  • Place of Registration
  • Registration Expiration Date
  • Brand, Make, etc

AUCN Car Repot

  • License plate number
  • Place of Registration
  • Registration Expiration Date
  • Brand, Make, etc
  • PPSR Report
  • Stolen Status
  • Finance Check
  • Registration Check
  • Odometer Check
  • Recall Check
  • Average Mileage Information
  • Valuation
  • VIN Check
  • Written-off Check