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What is PPSR?

  • Personal Property Securities Register

PPSR is the most commonly name of The Personal Property Securities Register, which is an official government register. It is managed by the Registrar of Personal Property Securities. The function of PPSR is a public noticeboard of security interests in personal property.

What is PPSR Certificate include?

The PPSR check is going to be the best investment you ever made. You are going to get really high returns on this small amount of money - a great second-hand car and not a lemon. Here is what you can expect from a PPSR Report generated by AUCN PPSR.

√ License plate number

√ Place of Registration

√ Registration Expiration Date

√ Brand, Make, etc

√ PPSR Report

√ Stolen Status

√ Finance Check

√ Registration Check

√ Odometer Check

√ Recall Check

√ Average Mileage Information

√ Valuation

√ VIN Check

√ Written-off Check

How to Get a PPSR Certificate

You can enter the VIN number in PPSR official site (https://www.ppsr.gov.au) to do a simple search about your car’s PPSR records. But since the official site only accept VIN number and which is hard to remember, Australia Car Network cooperate with PPSR and provide both VIN and Rego check for PPSR Certificate. Also Australia Car Network generate data from other sources such as :PPSR , Austroads, AFSA, NEVDIS and a lot of third party companies and AUCN vehicle trading platform own data. It is the most comprehensive car history report in Australia.

Who would use the PPSR?

Financial institutions such as banks and finance companies providing loans where they receive a security interest in an item of personal property.

Consumers who are about to purchase personal property, such as used vehicles, to make sure the property is free of a security interest.

Examples of personal property include:

Art Cars, boats and caravans Crops and livestock Inventory Plant and machinery Shares

For person who wants to buy a second hand car or motor bike, checking PPSR records is one of the necessary step. If the record is not checked in advance, even the buyer and seller have signed the transfer agreement, the ownership of the vehicle is still in the hands of the bank from a legal point of view. Therefore, even if the buyer has paid all the money, the vehicle is still belong to bank. It is particularly necessary to spend a small sum of money to check the vehicle’s PPSR records here.