AUCN saves your cost and time in selling cars.

How to sell my car in AUCN:

(For car dealers, please click the “Car Dealer” button on the navigation bar to enter the dealers’ enquires page.)

1. Register a new account then log in, fill in your personal information such as contact number, address in “My account”.

2. Select “Sell a Car” in the navigation bar on top to enter the seller interface, fill in the basic vehicle information as instructed.

3. If the brand and make of your vehicle is not in the database, submit your own vehicle information. After approval, proceed to the next step.

4. Complete the vehicle information and successfully verify your identity

5. Purchase the AUCN Car Report, your car will be listed with higher priority.

6. Keep an eye on your mailbox (including the spam) or your number, wait for buyers to contact you 

7. If you have any questions about using the website, feel free to contact us at