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You can check a vehicle's registration details via the Transport Department in ACT. For vehicle registration checks in other states, click link below to the government website to perform your registration check.


you need to do ACT Rego check?

Over the 12 month period in 2020 there were 7 people lost their lives caused by traffic accidents in ACT. Driving an unregistered car in ACT means that your compulsory third-party insurance (CTP) will not have any effect, which will lead to serious consequences. Even if you are not driving your own car, as part of the driver’s responsibilities, you have to make sure that the car is registered in ACT. To check the status of your vehicle Rego all you need is your ACT vehicle's licence plate number.

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I never really cared about car history before, so the last car that I bought was one that had been written off. There were a lot of problems with the car and I spent a great amount of time and effort on the repairs. This time I do the ACT rego check here, the report clearly stated that historical status of the car. The information provided came straight from the Australian government and is extremely trustworthy. Compared to the cost of repairing a vehicle, the cost of a report is actually so cheap. I used the reports to filter my choices and finally bought a safe and reliable car.


I compared other vehicle history reports on the market, and the ACT rego check report(powered by AUCN) is the most affordable one. The report is rich in content, including several points that our buyers are most concerned about. In addition to being able to help buyers to eliminate the risk of buying a car, the vehicle valuation provided by the report gives me an idea of the market situation of the vehicle. It helped me pick the car of the right price. Much appreciated the ACT rego check for helping me during my car purchase experience.


I am a used car dealer and I find that customers often ask me for more information about the vehicles being sold, especially the history of the vehicles, so I chose to work with AUCN. After providing AUCN vehicle reports to customers, I found that their willingness to purchase was significantly enhanced. Although I have been helping customers to screen high-quality used cars in the past, it is not as convincing as such an authoritative report. The AUCN Vehicle Report helped my business and I will continue to work with AUCN as always.